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"Something we did yesterday worked, my hip and back feel different"

Bronwyn 2018 NZ

Great session tonight- we all loved it! Don't know what you did, but felt my backache go! See you next week.

Don & Jules 2018 NZ

I suffered over a year with SI joint  and tried  many physical therapists and exercise trainers with little lasting relief. Stuck in a cycle of pain, I would start to heal, return to exercising and normal activity when a flare-up would happen. I'd be back in pain for weeks. Theresa helped me break that pain cycle. She customised sessions for my situation. She is keenly aware of the most subtle shifts in the body while doing exercises and provides excellent cues and feedback. Theresa is an expert at understanding how the body moves. I cannot recommend her enough, especially if you're looking to heal an injury and get back into fitness.

Susie B.  NYC 2016

I have been a devotee of Pilates for over 10 years but since I started working with Theresa, I have a new understanding of my body.  Theresa has identified areas that I didn’t know needed strengthening. Her creative and intuitive approach to teaching Pilates has given me greater awareness of movement, strength, and balance. I feel the difference if I have to miss a session, but she gets me right back on track in the next session.

Pat. K.   NYC 2015

For 3 months I was unable to sit or stand for more than 3 – 5 minutes without experiencing severe hip pain. Muscle relaxers and pain killers had no impact.

No one could explain my hip “acting up.” It took months to recover any mobility, and finally was cleared by my doctors to start physical therapy.
Theresa’s understanding of the body combined with a genuine interest in my condition, made the sessions an integral part of my recovery.

Theresa is dedicated and professional. 
After having experienced Pilates and Foundation Training with Theresa, I can truly say it has been a life changing experience.

John M.  NYC  2015

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