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Watch for New Dates coming in 2024!

The first presentation of this workshop series since beginning my more formal journey into Ayurveda. 

The Introductory workshop will be comprehensive of the imperatives to a foundation of good health according to Ayurvedic teachings. If there is only one of the sessions you can attend this should be the one. If not however there is still plenty to gain from the other sessions. 

Throughout the journey of this workshop series you will gain a deeper understanding of the small changes you can make to impact various aspects of your health; whether that goal is to maintain it, improve it or in understanding how to prevent the manifestation of disease within the body. 

After this series you may be left with even more questions and this (introspection/ interoception) is a great result to have achieved. The start of self-awareness, of conscious and intentional wellness managed by You. 

To purchase Drop-in sessions please email your interest to Theresa at and a sign up/ payment link will me emailed to you. 
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