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Nutrition is something developed from our environment and habits. Coffee in the morning, chocolate in the afternoon. We lean on our diet and habits to pull is through our day and lift up our energy when it dips. It can be a challenge to make the change needed that would have a big impact on our longevity and vitality. 

We look at where you are and start by making small changes. When you start to feel a difference it will be easier to add in more healthy habits and your energy will naturally improve as well as having an impact on other lingering conditions. 

A healthy diet isn't a diet at all. And it doesn't mean you have to eat raw foods, or green juices or give up carbs. It is very individual what works for each person. Some people will thrive on a vegan diet, others need extra protein. There is no one fits all here! 

The first thing to address however, for everyone, is usually the strength of digestion. Cold foods are the first thing to start changing. Cold foods put out your digestive fire. Tip # 1 no more ice cold bevys, and try to start your day with 1-2 cups of warm water. 

Vegetables in Paper Bags
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