What to Expect

The goal at Expand Wellness is empowering people into a better state of wellness through movement.

We offer a gravity based exercise program that wakes up your body, energizes you and provides a sustainable approach to pain relief.

No pills. No surgery. No equipment required. 


The body is an integrated pulley system. The principles of the training are rooted in muscle activation around the hips, engaging muscle chains that help ground you. Further incorporating the breath enables the decompression effect on the spine and joints- muscles are elongated, stretched, and toned.


There is also a major focus on building strength in posterior chain muscles; hamstrings, glutes, (your derrière), and back extensors, to name a few.

You can expect to increase mobility, balance, flexibility, and strength.

A typical session is as much about education as it is exercise. 


Focused on personalized instruction for injury rehabilitation and prevention the motto at Expand Wellness


Train Smart. Train for Life.  



First we identify weak areas, and areas of pain, then we work on reorganizing, integrating and strengthening. You don’t have to be injured or in pain though, in fact it’s better if we understand how the body functions and end up with less injury and pain.