1.  All appointments will carry a required 20 minute gap between sessions to allow the previous client to leave and arrival of the next client.

2.  The studio also has a TRUE HEPA AIR PURIFIER - utilizing a HEPA H13 filter with 99.97% efficiency in helping clean the air before, after, and during your session.


3.  All equipment, mats, props, and high touch surfaces will be wiped down between sessions with cleaning solution before and after sessions .

4.  Clients are encouraged to bring their own props if they have them (especially yoga blocks, a mat, and towels if desired).


5.  No towels, or cups for water will be available.


6.  Clients must wear masks upon entry to the studio and are asked to bring their own, clean mask to use in the studio. The instructor will also wear a mask during the session.

7.  Clients are allowed to arrive 5 minutes prior and must leave 5 minutes after their session ends.


8.  Please arrive clothed for the session, as there is no changing room.


9.  Hand sanitizer is available for use if you do not already carry your own.


10.  ALL clients must sign the COVID 19 Waiver and Health Screening form upon entry (or prior to their session electronically) and must resign after 14 days. Clients must also sign the daily log for contact tracing purposes. 

Studio Booking and Payment Policies

~ All appointments are subject to a 24-hour cancellation policy.

~ The full rate will be charged if you do not cancel within 24 hours with the exception of symptoms of illness.

~ If you are feeling ill, and experiencing any symptoms of Covid, Please Cancel Your Appointment and Do Not come to the studio, we will reschedule you when you are clear to return without putting others at risk.

~ There are no refunds or transfers of packages.

~ All packages have a 6 month expiration date.

Will insurance cover my sessions?

Maybe. Each insurance policy is different. And you should certainly check. Some insurers allow you to use Flexible Spending accounts, and some will cover the cost or a portion of it if you have a referral from your doctor or physical therapist. You may be able to check through your insurance online portal and look under policy benefits, or by calling them to inquire. If they do you would be pay the studio directly and be reimbursed through your provider. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

You may pay in cash at the time of your session or you may pay in advance for most services under the Options tab. Choose the service and you will be taken to a separate page which allows you to make secure payments through the Square online checkout. 

Studio Forms