Theresa Michalec 

Theresa is a passionate instructor of movement and wellness. She studies the body, how it moves, and how it heals. Each session or program that she teaches is based on that particular person and what they are looking to overcome or gain in strength, flexibility, balance, mobility or anything else related to you achieving your health goals.


Finding your way out of a chronic condition is an exploratory process, and it is achieved through collaboration of the individual and the practitioner. 


Theresa has worked alongside physical therapists and chiropractors in New York, New Zealand, Vietnam and currently has limited availability from Sag Harbor to Montauk. 

She teaches and coaches practical methods for achieving optimal health through movement, breathwork, nutrition, and meditation. You can start practicing in one area or all areas!


She guides you through a very practical way of training the body that works on muscular, cellular and neurological levels. The body does not work in isolation, it is a system of systems.


The training wakes your body up, energizes you and provides a sustainable approach to pain relief- increasing mobility, balance, flexibility, and strength. No equipment needed.

Theresa works with a variety of clients and varying conditions: chronic low back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, recovery and strengthening after knee replacements, hip imbalances, neck pain, spinal decompression, shoulders and rotator cuff overuse, mobility and balance training, Parkinson’s disease, postural alignment, pelvic floor training, and many others that require an integrated approach for getting out of pain and back to living a full, active life.


Theresa enjoys being outdoors, exploring, traveling, cooking, eating good food, meeting new people, & studying languages and cultures.  Fun fact: Theresa spent some time as a fishmonger out in Seattle, and loves seafood!  

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