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The Local Bottega in Kennebunk, Maine

Pilates Mat + 
Building a Solid Foundation

Date: TBD
Time: 6:00 - 7:15 
After class social 7:15- 8:15pm


Cost $35

In this workshop we will explore the basics of the Pilates matwork exercises and learn the foundational principles- breath, concentration, centering, control, precision, and flow

This is your Foundation for building a Strong CORE and a Wellness practice that will benefit and balance the mind and body.


Pilates Mat isn't for the faint of heart...this is the REAL work!

When done correctly, with the principles in mind, you will lengthen, strengthen and tone every part of your body and REVITALIZE your energy. 

After completing this workshop you will have the opportunity to continue your training either in private training sessions or you can opt to sign up for a series of group classes. 

After the class, stick around for a chat, light snack, and a glass of wine or non-alcoholic spriit. More details to come...!

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