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Expand Wellness offers a unique program that integrates movement in the body, using specific techniques and exercises bringing You a solution for training smart at any level. 

Most all of us want to feel good, right?

Maybe you already know what activities you enjoy and you've been doing for years-  

Tennis, Golf, Cycling, Hiking, brisk walks or is it your routine at the gym?


These are all great!

What about injury?  ...most all of us have had an injury. Many times they come from repetitive movements, even some of our patterns in daily activities.


Expand Wellness and Training Smart helps support everything you do through a system that reBalances, mobilizes, and strengthens your physical body while also helping reduce your risk of injury.   

Over the course of your training you will learn to break poor movement patterns, and replace them with healthy ones.


Through the use of multiple movement methods you will learn the specific gravity based exercises that your body will remember  in order to feel good (trust me on this)!


Yes your back and joints will thank you, and remind you to keep doing what feels good! 

You can expect to feel Improvements in balance, mobility and strength.

And of course there are many other positive effects this training can have...

What are you waiting for?!  

If you are looking for a new approach to sustainable training and improved wellness, Expand Wellness is the place to start.


Achieving results through consistency

Bring more awareness to healthy movement in the body through the experience and feeling in the body.

Create space where there once was restriction & Increase ranges of motion.


Learn clear principles of moving well.


Learn exercises for a sustainable program to incorporate into daily activities.

Your body learns to feel how the principles and movements work into every aspect of daily life, whatever it is: yoga, pilates, before or after a gym workout, trekking, whatever you choose to do, your body will learn to better support you through this program. 

The principles of the movement training.



The muscles all around the hips (pelvis) are balanced and strengthened through an integrated series of exercises.



Creates spinal and joint decompression, lengthening entire chains of muscles, and increasing flow throughout the lymphatic system; boosting your immune system.



The area that unlocks your strength, flexibility, and balance through proper movement. Multiple positions and exercise layers are varied by your body’s orientation to gravity. Focus is on strengthening posterior chain muscles, hamstrings, glutes (your derrière), and back extensors, to name a few.


The training wakes your body up, energizes you and provides a sustainable approach to pain relief- increasing mobility, balance, flexibility, and strength. 

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